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Bedford Housing Authority Receives $43,329 in Funding

BEDFORD - ( (December 17, 2021) - The Bedford Housing Authority has received $43,329 in funding from Housing Urban Development. In order to receive the funds each board member must take required training, and watch financials, and oversee the financial position of the BHA. Over the last couple years, BHA financial position has improved with governance over finances and decisions to improve the facilities.

In other business:

  • Approved the holiday schedule for 2022 which included adding Juneteenth to its calendar and a resolution to designate the same.

  • Treva Moore will be moving to Occupancy Specialist with resolution passed for a job description change

  • Commissioner Donna Tlustek, President of Bedford Housing Authority appointment will take place on January 1, 2022.

  • The annual five-year plan for the Bedford Housing Authority available for public comment. The plan would allow improvements at Hamiliton Courts over the next five years starting in 2022

The Five-Year Plan for the Bedford Housing Authority include:

  • Hamilton Courts mail receptacles - $34,000

  • Painting of porches Hamiliton Courts - $35,000

  • Replace roofs at building 3,9,1134, 1132, and the community building - $40,000

  • Operations at Hauck House $64,000

  • Remove and update landscaping at Family Complex Hamiliton Courts - $10,000

  • Installation of Wi-Fi and installation of at Hamiliton Courts - $30,000

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