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Bedford Firefighters Respond to the Hauck House for reports of smoke in apartment

BEDFORD - AUGUST 2, 2023 - Bedford Firefighters responded to the Hauck House 1305 K Street for reports of smoke in a apartment.

The fire alarm activated around 12:50 am Wednesday morning with all three fire stations responding. Bedford Fire responded with Rescue 1, Ladder 1, Engine 2 and Engine 3 and quickly arrived on the scene. A total of 11 firefighters responded to the call.

Photo: Bedford firefighters carry two smoke ejectors inside the Hauck House to remove the smoke from a 2nd floor apartment

Firefighters found smoke in a 2nd Floor apartment after a small plastic plant caught fire. The plant was removed from the apartment and firefighters removed the remaining smoke from the building.

There was only minor damage, reported and confined to the apartment in question.

The residents were evacuated from the 170 unit public housing which is operated by the Bedford Housing Authority. No one was injured.

The Bedford Housing Authority routinely conducts monthly fire drills at the location.

Photo: Bedford firefighters exit out of the Hauck House after removing smoke from an apartment on the 2nd floor

Residents returned to their apartments about 30 minutes when firefighters gave the tenants the all-clear.

IU Lifeline Ambulance was dispatched to the scene and was only there a few minutes when firefighters released them from the location.

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