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Bedford Firefighters remain on scene at warehouse fire on 5th Street - Street remains closed

BEDFORD - MARCH 6, 2023 - Bedford firefighters remain on the scene of a warehouse fire storing home furnishings and related items. There is not very much new information at this time to report.

Bedford Fire Department Fire Chief John Hughes is still on the scene of the fire and has not yet returned calls to the Lawrence County Zephyr to provide information on today's large fire that sent smoke billowing throughout the city.

Bedford Firefighters responded with all three stations and all shifts were called in to help battle the blaze with the exact time of the fire unavailable.

Firefighters was using their Ladder Truck to cool down the fire as late as 10:00 pm Monday night.

Indiana State Road 58 remains closed at Belback Road and X Street while firefighters continue to douse hot spots.

Firefighters were using fire hydrants on Belback Road to refill their engines and shuttle water back and forth from the fire.

The main goal in fighting today's fire was to keep nearby structures from catching fire, especially with the strong westerly winds that made firefighting efforts very difficult.

Bedford Police was challenged with keeping the traffic flow moving and preventing accidents as the large column of smoke could be seen as far away as Bloomington.

The 911 dispatchers fielding several calls to report the fire.

Bedford Fire Department, Bedford Police Department, IU Lifeline Ambulance responded with two ambulances and Bedford Street Department was contacted to barricade several streets in around the fire location.

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