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Updated: Bedford Fire Responds to Gas Leak at Lincoln Avenue and O Street

BEDFORD - MARCH 10, 2023 - The Bedford Fire Department is on the scene of a gas leak at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and O Street.

Crews working on O Street as part of the 5th Street Storm/Water Mitigation project struck a gas line.

Video: As of 2:00 pm residents told not to return for another Two hours; residents have been left out of their apartments for about four hours since the incident was first reported.

A strong odor of natural a gas could be smelled in the area. The gas leak is being repaired at this time.

The incident was reported after 10:00 am Friday morning.

Bedford Fire Chief John Hughes was unavailable for comment at this time.

Photo: Bedford Fire is on the scene of a gas leak at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and O Street

Originally, Lawrence County Zephyr was told they was no evacuations, however we since learned that some residents in the area of gas leak was told they needed to evacuate and not return to their homes until about 1:30 pm.

Several businesses remained opened during the gas leak such as Greco's, Hoosiers Hills Credit Union and the Laundry Village.

" The crews working on the storm/water project was jack hammering in the area yesterday. Today, the broke a major gas line, I was contacted by my landlord when I was shopping this morning at Wal-Mart when I got a phone call to return to my apartment so firefighters could check and see if I had gas in my apartment. Lucky for me there was no detectable gas in my apartment," said Mary Uyesugi who lives on Lincoln Avenue.

" My neighbor's apartment above me did not have any gas leak in it," Uyesugi added.

Mary Uyesugi was told she could not go back until after 1:30 pm.

Lawrence County Zephyr will update this story when more information becomes available.

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