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Bedford Fire Department approves Emergency Medical Response Policy within the city

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

BEDFORD - JANUARY 17, 2023 - Due to the frequent lack of ambulance coverage within Lawrence County Bedford Fire Chief John Hughes and city officials established procedures for the fire department to respond to EMS calls.

Bedford Fire Department waits for an ambulance on H Street due to no ambulances available recently

Over the last four years, some medical emergencies within the City of Bedford required an ambulance with the closest ambulance being out of county taking over several minutes to arrive.

The department Standard Operating Procedures established a policy with an ambulance or no ambulance available.

The policy states that the Bedford Fire Department will respond to Emergency Medical calls automatically for the following emergencies:

  • Difficulty breathing,

  • Burns

  • Cardiac or respiratory arrest

  • chest pain or heart problems

  • choking, seizures

  • diabetic problems

  • uncontrolled bleeding

  • , traumatic injuries (stabbings, gunshot wounds)

  • overdose

  • childbirth or miscarriage

  • traffic accidents with injuries

  • strokes/CVA

  • unconsciousness or unresponsive patients

  • severe allergic reactions

  • if no ambulance is available

  • if ambulance or law enforcement requests assistance

  • unknown medical issue

" We have already been responding over the last few years but decided to put this procedure in place. We are happy to serve the residents of Bedford,"

The Bedford Fire Department has 10 EMT's and one paramedic on duty divided among the three shifts.

Bedford Fire Department has certification from the State of Indiana as a Basic Life Support non-transport agency.

Bedford Police Department automatically responds with an AED when there is a cardiac arrest, within the city.

" The closest fire station will be alerted to these calls," said Mayor Sam Craig.

The Lawrence County Commissioners have entered into a contract with IU Lifeline Ambulance to provide 911 coverage for the county. The four-year contract will officially start on April 1, 2023, and provides one ALS ambulance, two BLS ambulances, and Squad staffed with a paramedic.

In addition, Lawrence County Fire Territory now has established a fully staffed Basic Life Support ambulance service. The Lawrence County Fire Territory ambulance has already responded to calls in the City of Bedford.

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