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Bedford City Council Passes Sidewalk Ordinance

BEDFORD - (March 21, 2022) - The Bedford City Council passed an ordinance on sidewalks and retaining walls. The new ordinance will allow the city to require property owners to make repairs to sidewalks and retaining walls that have fallen into disrepair or a safety hazard.

In other business:

  • Compliance statements for both Stalker Apartments and Stonecutters Place with Amy Alcorn from Hoosier Uplands reporting both apartments are in compliance with both apartment complexes are full.

  • Salary ordinance for the Parks Department employees for season pool employees to increase. The ordinance will allow the pool manager to make $17.30 hour and lifeguard $12.50 hour. Discussion was made about the difficulty of finding lifeguards for pools.

In other discussion Bedford City Council member Dan Bortner thanked the Bedford Street Department for their efforts in removing trees at Green Hill Cemetery.

With the final completion of renovation at the Red Brick following a fire, Mayor Craig told city council members their meeting maybe held at the Red Brick to highlight the renovations.

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