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Bedford city council is expected to vote to increase sewer rates for three projects

BEDFORD - FEBRUARY 19, 2024 - The Bedford city council is expected to pass sewer rate increases to its utility customers Tuesday night at their scheduled meeting.

Previous story: BEDFORD - JANUARY 18, 2024 -  The Bedford City Council approved the first reading for an increase in new sewage rates and charges for the Spider Creek Lift Station project that has a projected cost of $ 22 million and not to exceed $25 million.

The Spider Creek project is expected to be completed by December 2025.

Photo: The largest sewer project will increase sewer rates over a three year period for Bedford Utility customers

The Bedford Redevelopment Commission in their meeting Tuesday afternoon pledged $ 2 million of Tax Increment Funds (TIF) towards the project with another two million dollars at a later date.

The City of Bedford intends to use $2.9 Million American Rescue Plan Act, Regional Economic Acceleration & Development Initiative funds in the amount of $1.8 million, ROI grant in the amount of $250,000, Indiana Economic Development grant in the amount of $ 5 million, and the City of Bedford $1 million. A total of approximately $14 million pledged towards the project.


The City of Bedford resident's sewer costs of approximately $44.50 of approximately using 4,000 gallons a month will raise to $64 a month within a three-year period of time.

A public hearing on the proposed project and rate increases will be held on February 20th at 7:00 pm at the Stonegate Arts and Education Center.

Photo: After Bedford City Council voted to increase trash fees the city council is expected to increase sewer rates in three phases with residents using 4,000 gallons of water paying approximately $64 a month. Bedford Street Commissioner David Flinn says the sanitation fund has been depleted

The latest rate increase for sewer customers comes after Bedford Street Commissioner David Flinn asked for a trash fee increase after the sanitation funds was depleted due to repairs to the two existing trash trucks and the purchase of a third trash truck in the amount of $309,000. The Bedford City Council already approved that fee increase.

Misty Adams Bedford Utilities Director told the city council members that this project is not optional but must be completed due to the city's agreement with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management Agency.

  • The project discussion began in 2009 with a review of Spider Creek lift station and sewer plan

  • 2011 Study conducted by the Louchmeller group in study of sewer system and sewer overflows

  • 2011 City of Bedford received sewer violation order by Indiana Department Environmental Management due to sanitary sewer overflows during rain events

  • 2013 Installation of sewer flow meters at all lift stations and manhole overflow locations

  • 2014 Louchmeller Group developed the Master Sewer Compliance Plan for IDEM and entered into sewer

  • 2016 received approval from IDEM of the Master Sewer compliance plan and entered into agreement with IDEM

  • 2017 received approval from IDEM Capacity Management and Operation Plan with implementation schedule

  • 2018 received approval project schedule for the planned sewer projects and management plan

  • 2020 received the outline for projects needed on the westside of Bedford

  • 2022 Started the planning for Spider Creek lift station and Storage Tank Project to hold sanitary sewer overflow during rain events

  • 2023 - Finished design of Spider Creek Lift Station and solicited the bids for the project

  • The Spider Creek project is expected to be completed by December 2025

There are bond issues for this project which include three projects, Spider Creek Lift Station and Storage Tank, Forced main from Spider Creek to 36 inch sewer at Norton Lane, and East / West Sewer line hook up for General Motors Corporation.

Photo: General Motors Corporation will be connecting to the City of Bedford Sewer system the bond not to exceed $25 million

There were two ordinance passed Tuesday night to move the project forward with both passing with the 1st reading and final passage expected to pass at the February city council meeting.

More details on the cost of the project as well as rate and fee increases are expected at the February city council meeting.

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