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Bedford City Council Approves $2.9 Million APRA Funds - Spider Creek Lift Station Project

BEDFORD - AUGUST 17, 2022 - The Bedford City Council approved $2.9 Million American Rescue Fund Act Funds going towards the Spider Lift Station Project.

This came after no one came forward to speak for or against using the funds for that purpose.

City of Bedford officials had to apply for the grant by Monday night or had to wait for the next round of grant funding opportunity on September 15th.

Using the federal procurement guidelines, the city put together the grant application using bids obtained recently in the bid process.

A total of $7.9 Million materials has been bid on for the READI Grant by the City of Bedford for the project. The city is competing against 11 other counties for $9 Million that is available.

By using the APRA funds, the city hopes to be in a better position to receive the funds due to the amount of money the city itself is putting towards the project.

The Spider Lift Station Project is projected at $19 Million with the project first being started under the Bedford Mayor Joe Klump administration who entered into an agreement with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

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