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Bedford Board of Works receives bid for Englewood fire station remodel

BEDFORD - JULY 17, 2023 - The Bedford Board of Works tabled the bids received for more renovation to Bedford Fire Station # 3 remodel.

Photo: The Englewood Fire Station also known as fire station # 3 has not received any major upgrades since the fire station was built in the late 1970s

Bedford Board of Works received four bids for the project this time.

  • TNG Construction - $47,758

  • McIntyre Construction - $91,550

  • Kirts Renovation LLC. - $74,875

  • Pritchett Brothers Construction - $83,601

The Board of Works took the bids under advisement to see if the bids met their specifications.

Photo: Bedford Fire Station has undergone major renovation

This is the second time the bids were tabled. Previously the following bids were made last month.

The Board of Works received three bids which include

Due to the wide discrepancy between the bids the recommendation was to table it, and review the bids submitted.

The Board of Works approved the bid submitted by Infinity Solutions for their proposal at $113,672.19 for the work on the derrick on the city's south side.

Bedford Fire Department approved the hiring of a new firefighter George Evan Vehslage. He replaces another Bedford Fire Department who left the department for another career choice.

Fire Chief Hughes informed the Board of Works his department is back to full strength and has already began his employment on the department.

McIntyre Brothers submitted a bid of $219,443.88.

The City of Bedford was awarded a grant of $100,000 matching grant from ROI's Ready Communities 2.0 program to restore the Welcome to Bedford Derrick and install the Land of Limestone exhibit at Stonegate Arts and Education Center.

The work at the Land of Limestone Display at the Stonegate Arts and Education Center. The public is invited to look at the display that is located on the bottom floor of the building.


1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

1420 L Street Bedford, Indiana

309 Indiana State Road 60 East Mitchell, Indiana

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