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Bedford Board of Works Approves New Hires and Promotions of Public Safety Personnel

BEDFORD - ( APRIL 19, 2022) - The Bedford Board of Works met on Monday afternoon approving a new hire for the Bedford Fire Department and promotions for the Bedford Police Department.

Bedford Board of Works approved temporary parking spaces for early voting at the Lawrence County Plaza

  • Approved the hiring of Adam Higgins to the Bedford Fire Department pending approval of the Public Employment Retirement Fund

  • Bedford Police Department Major Kevin Jones has retired from the Bedford City Police Department. Board of Works member Charlene Hall congratulated Major Jones for his service to the Bedford community.

  • Approved the following promotions following Kevin Jones Retirement -

  1. Captain Jesse Crane - Major

  2. Sergeant Chase Hamiliton - Captain

  3. Officer Clint Swanson - Sergeant

  • Approved a change order in the amount of $61,296 of additional cost for a improvement project for the wastewater and sewer improvements. This comes following a saving of $157,595 of other changes to the proposed project which included the removal of the Riley Blvd. life station

  • Approved the temporary parking spaces for early voting along 16th Street at the Lawrence County Courthouse Plaza

  • Approved the Cyber Security Insurance proposal which saw a 62 percent increase this year. The cost is $35,484

  • Approved a sanitary sewer agreement with John McBride which provides a huge savings to the city.

  • Approved agreements with property owners along South I Street for the installation of a water main in the 2800-2900 block of I Street.


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