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Bedford Board of Works Approves Hiring of Bedford Police Officer

BEDFORD - MAY 16, 2022 - The Bedford Board of Works approved the hiring of Sarah Haluda to the Bedford Police Department following the resignation of a Bedford Police officer.

Bedford Board of Works approves the painting of crosswalk at the intersection of 14th and L Streets - Traffic has not been stopping for pedestrian traffic

In other business:

  • Approved the request of Patty Sanders for her mother, for handicap parking located at 1720 K Street.

  • Approved the request of Jim and Becky Buher for painted crosswalk at the crosswalk lights at 1401 L Street.

  • Request the Standard Operating Procedure for promotion policy

  • Approved the request for a minor subdivision at 1402 2nd Street

  • Approved the request by Adam Chastain of an amendment to an existing subdivision street name change from Southern Fields to Lucy Lane

  • Approved the request for an easement for a sanitary sewer. This project is a part of the Riley Boulevard Lift Station removal project. The project has seen a savings from a $1.5 million project to $300,000 project request.

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