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Bedford Board of Works Approves Bids For $19 Million Spider Creek Lift Station Project

BEDFORD - AUGUST 8, 2022 - City of Bedford has been working towards addressing sanitary sewer overflows since the Bedford Mayor Joe Klump administration.

The total project itself is estimated at $19 Million with the City of Bedford working to complete the project in segments.

A READI - Grant application must be submitted before August 15th in order for the City of Bedford to be in the running for a grant.

The project will address flash flooding in the 5th Street area, overflow around the Spider Creek Lift Station area, as well as provide sanitary sewer upgrades along 22nd Street for a proposed housing project. The housing project to be constructed near the former Georges Gateway building.

A proposed 60 unit by TWG was approved back in July 2021, and other developers have supported the proposed sanitary sewer project, with letters of support being sent by the Bedford Board of Works as part of the community wide support of the project.

" When we get heavy rains, the overflow from our stormwaters system gets into our sanitary sewer system and this causes the flooding," said Misty Adams Utilities Director City of Bedford.

The project will renovate the Spider Creek Life Station with a 2.5-million-gallon storage tank with accessories.

Bedford is competing against 10 other counties in the Hoosier Uplands Region where there is only $9 Million available between the 11 counties for the funds.

" If we do not get the grant we will continue to move forward with other grants and funding options," said Bedford Mayor Sam Craig.

Bids for the Spider Creek Project include:

  • 2.5 million Gallon bolted epoxy coated 110 feet by 37 feet steel tank with accessories - UIG awarded bid $1,323,950 and $53,900 additional

  • Opening bid for flushing 2.5 million tank - No bids received

  • Bids for 1 - 600 kw and 2 - 125 kw and 1 - 30 kw generator with all piping, foundation, installation, and stainless transfer switch - DEQ awarded the bid for $369,600

  • Bids for gravity sewer line from 6th Street to O Street - Mitchell and Starkes awarded the bid for $1,709,200

  • Bids for forced for 14 in force main from Spider Creek Lift Station to Denson Avenue - Infrastructure System Inc. awarded bid for $1,034, 075

  • Bids for 25 MGD fine screen system, 2 127 horse power 12 in pipe discharge submersible pumps and 3 - 188 Horse Power 20 inch pipe discharge submersible pump, and 3 alternate 150 horse power discharge with start-up and training - American Pump Services- $1,181,918

Total bids submitted is $5,618,743 with a special meeting to be conducted on Thursday to receive bi for the flushing of the 2.5 million gallon tank.

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