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Bedford Board of Works Approves Agreement and Payment to Avoca-Marshal Township Recreation Park

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

BEDFORD - JANUARY 18, 2023 - The Bedford Board of Works approved the agreement with Avoca-Marshal Township Parks and Recreation as wells as their invoice during the meeting Tuesday afternoon.

The Board of Works tabled the invoice of $9,950 submitted to the City of Bedford after concerns from Charlene Hall, board of works member on the city paying for a claim outside the city, during last month's meeting.

After further investigation from city attorney Greg Pittman, it was discovered that no agreement was signed by the Bedford Parks Board or Board of Works between either group for the ROI grant that was applied on behalf of the Avoca/Marshal Recreation Park in January 2021.

At the time the Avoca/Marshal Township Park Board did not exist, and under Mayor Shawna Girgis administration the grant for a ROI Grant in the amount of $125,000. The Avoca/Marshal Township Park board would submit the invoices and the City of Bedford would then reimburse the Avoca/Marshal Township Park Board.

There is only $23,000 remaining in the grant, and ROI has already distributed the funds to the City of Bedford. The Avoca/Marshal Township will be submitting the final invoices for the purchases under the grant in the near future.

The Avoca/Marshal Township Park Board is now operating under its own board.


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