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Beach at West Boggs Park Closed until further notice


We just got our test results back today, 7/28/2023 and the Blue Green Algae is in full bloom. Due to the excessive heat and weather lately, our numbers changed quickly and exceeded the guidelines for swimming.

Photo: : The beach at the park is closed until further notice

The following was released by the West Boggs Park officials:

We just wanted to share that we are routinely testing our water quality in order to keep you advised of lake conditions.

At this time, the swimming beach is closed. While recreational boating and fishing are still allowed within guidelines suggested by IDEM, we would caution you to carefully consider your interactions with the lake.

Be careful to keep people and especially all pets out of the water at all times until we are in the clear with our water testing.

If you do come into contact with any lake water, be sure to clean up with hot, soapy water, and keep water away from your mouth and eyes.

We understand this closure can be frustrating to our visitors, but we do care about the safety of all of our park lovers! Many lakes around the state experience this same algae bloom in the hotter months.

While we wait for a thumbs up from our testing lab, please take time to enjoy our trails, disc golf, activities, and beautiful green spaces!,"

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