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Banquet Hall, Storage Units and Apartment Complex moves on to public hearing

BEDFORD - MARCH 24, 2023 - The Bedford Plan Commission has moved six proposals during the preliminary hearing on to a public hearing on April 11th at 4:00 pm at City Concourse.

These include zoning changes for some of the proposed requests which include a proposed 32 Apartment Housing unit, storage units, business district to residential, subdividing property for GEO Flo, and a Banquet Hall on 8th Street.

Photo: Hoosier Uplands is planning to construct 32 Housing Units on Shawnee Lane on Bedford's southside

Hoosier Uplands Economic Development Corporation on behalf of Limestone Edge requested to rezone the property located at South Shawnee Drive that is currently vacant land.

The request is to change the zoning from B-3 Planned Business district to R-3 Medium Residential district. Chuck Heintzelman with Milestone Ventures representing, Hoosier Uplands on the purchase of the property with Bob Fiddler who owns the property.

Hoosier Uplands have been involved with Stonecutters Place and Stalker Apartments who plans on building 24 one-bedroom apartments and 8 two-bedroom apartments. This will be the maximum number of apartments as they will turn that into available green space for the tenants.

The zoning request was approved and moved on to public hearing.

Photo: The former George's Gateway property is scheduled to be re-zoned from R-3 Residential to Light Industrial District this reverses the zoning change to the property in August of 2021

The other requests before the Bedford Planning Commission include:

  • Martin Eager, requested to rezone the property located at 2200 block of M Street ( former Georges Gateway). Eager plans on personal storage units on the property which plans on placing 373 units for storage. There will be a fence placed around the property with security lighting and cameras. There will be a gate for fencing and opened by a keypad. Questions about the utilities on the property which there is a sewer in the main roadway, and stormwater drain to the outside of the property. There is a water line that runs across the middle of the property. That water line will be moved.

TWG notified the City of Bedford they was no longer interested in building the 65-unit apartment multi-family housing project. This is the reason for Martin Eager, newest request, and move on with the property.

The zoning was approved and moved on to the public hearing.

Photo: Future home of Apron Strings located at 2501 8th Street

  • Kyle Taylor requested rezoning of property located at 2501 8th Street from Light Industrial District to B-3 Business District. This will be the new location of the Essential Ingredient and the Mixing Bowl Restraunt and Banquet Hall. Kyle told the planning commission he plans that they contracted out the building for a new a new restraunt but needed the property re-zoned because it did not fall under current zoning. The building was used for a trucking transfer station for many years. Kyle states plans have been submitted to the State for approval and they was just waiting on obtaining a building permit. The zoning was approved and moves on to a public hearing.

  • Adam Chastain's request to rezone the vacant property located at 702 I Street was approved and moved on to the public hearing. The request was to rezone from B-2 Business Central Business District to R-3 Medium Density Residential District. Chastain wants to construct a single-family home on the property. The property is currently a commercial property and plans on building home on it. Angel Hawkins abstained from the vote to move the request on to public hearing.

  • Tom Miller, Bedford Development ( Geo Flo) request for a major subdivision for the property located at 905 Williams Park Drive into four separate parcels. One tract of property will be for existing business and the other 3 tracts will be for sale. The property owner had several that needed cleaned up and going to downsize to 4 parcels. The parcel to the southwest would most likely not be buildable or sold because the area where all water runoff goes from Wal-Mart that is located across the street to the south. The property to the north would be limited to the right of way for powerlines of Duke Energy. The zoning request was approved and moved on to public hearing.

  • Hoosier Properties ( Jon Prichett) request for minor subdivision moved on to public hearing located at 408 22nd Street. The property would be seperated into two parcels. The existing home is being demolished and building two homes on the property. There was plenty of square footage on the parcels to build two homes.

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