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Avoca - Marshall Township Recreation Park Site Plans Sought by Public

AVOCA - ( March 7, 2022) - As the public heard on Monday, April 4th at the Eppley Institute presentation of the Avoca Park 5-year plan, a Site Plan is a powerful tool for meticulous planning of a properties future use.

Hiring an outside firm for a site plan could cost well in excess of $10,000, money that is desperately needed to upkeep and repair the Avoca Park.

Hamer House at Avoca -Marshall Township Recreation Park

"As an alternative to spending tax dollars and/or grant money and donations on an expensive Site Plan, I believe the public can and should be engaged to show their vision for the park, that could then be incorporated into a Master Site Plan approved by the Marshall Township Park Board," said Christopher Noel Marshall Township Advisory Board and Park Board

The public is invited to print the attached map, preferably on 11x17 paper, and send to the Marshall Township Park Board, their vision for the park.

Avoca Park Site Plan Proposals
Download PDF • 385KB

Please use this Avoca map to shade in ponds you may want filled, location and types of trees you want to see planted, note areas for additional parking, and any other items of interest that you believe will make this the beautiful and vibrant park we all want it to be.

Please print legibly and make notes in the blank space as you see fit. Maps can be scanned and emailed back to me, Christopher Noel, at, or mail the printed version to my home at 2 Taylor Run, Bedford, IN 47421.

All ideas are welcome and would be reviewed by the park board for potential inclusion in a Master Site Plan. Email me or text me your email address if you would like a higher resolution scan of the attached map at 812-219-9061.

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