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Asphalt rejuvenation helps Lawrence County Highways

LAWRENCE COUNTY - MARCH 28, 2023 - The Lawrence County Commissioners was presented a report on the county's rejuvenation of the county's highways for a price of $402,674.03.

The average is cost is estimated at $80,000 a mile for the process.

All the commissioners were pleased with the results from this process. Residents are a little upset when this process is being done, however using soap and water along with W-D 40 works the substance off the vehicles.

The asphalt industry has been working to reverse the impact of aging on asphalt performance and increasing the sustainability.

Doing more work with less money is challenging, which means pavement recycling and preservation is important to everyone.

Pavements oxidize and age during their life, and there is always continual need for work that repairs and durability issues that result over period of time.

Rejuvenation products have been used over 50 years to preserve the resiliency of the pavement and delay the need for resurfacing.

Video: Lawrence County Highway Supt. Brani Webb and Phil Cornelius from Rejuvtec give updates and explain the process of rejuvenating the asphalt on county highways

Eventually, these pavements breakdown beyond the point where a rejuvenator can be used, and the road must be resurfaced or rebuilt. This leads to an oversupply of asphalt.

Using a rejuvenator in the mix provides an opportunity to utilize the recycled asphalt pavement known as (Rap) and increases its value to the road builder.

There were twelve pavement samples taken on Tripleton Pike, Lawrenceport Main, Vinegar Hill Road, Erie Church Road, Ramsey Ridge, and Rabbitsville Road.

Cost for Rejuvenation throughout Lawrence County :

  • East County Road 250 South(Sandpit Road) - From Bedford city limits to Palestine Road - 23,232 square yards - $26,484.48

  • Tripleton Pike - From Indiana State Road 54 (Reuter Lane) - to West County Road 250 North ( Indian Creek Camp Road) - Square Yards 25,890 - $29,514.60

  • Cobb Lane - From Indiana State Road 54 to Springville/Judah Road - 15,840 square yards - $18,057

  • Springville/Judah Road - From Popcorn Road to Harrodsburg Road - 17,477 square yards - $19,923

  • East County Road 500 South - From U.S. 50 East to South Old Palestine Road - 26,400 square yards - 430,096

  • Rabbitsville Road - From County Road 500 South - to Mitchell City Limits - 27,456 square yards - $31,299.84

  • Dixie Highway - From U.S. 50 to U.S. 50 - 38,140 square feet - $43,479

  • Lawrenceport Main - From East County Road 900 South to Lawrenceport Road - 15,840 square yards- $18,057

  • North County Road 200 East - Indiana State Road 58 to Bridge # 21 -57,182 square yards - $65,187.48

  • Ramsey Ridge Road - From County Road 200 East to Gilgal Road - Square yards 29,568 - $33,707.52

  • Erie Church Road - From Indiana State Road 446 to Shawswick Station Road - 43,666 square yards

  • Tunnelton Road - From Bedford City limits to East County Road 200 South - 28,160 yards - $32,102.40

  • Lawrenceport Main Road - From bridge #67 and the eastbound lane 3,056 square yards - $3,483.84

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Paid for by the committee to elect Nathan Jenkins for City of Mitchell Mayor

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