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All charges dropped against Three Men in Lake Monroe Confrontation

MONROE COUNTY - MAY 19, 2022 - A Judge dismissed all charges against three men in the violent confrontation on July 4, 2020, near Lake Monroe.

Vahuxx Booker

The charges against Vauhxx Booker, Sean Purdy, and Jerry Cox II were dropped at the request of special prosecutor assigned to the case Sonia LeerKamp.

According to the special prosecutor LeerKamp all three men completed the Restorative Justice Process, an alternative to traditional judicial proceedings.

This process is the first time it has been used in Indiana.

Sean Purday and Jerry Cox II had been charged with criminal confinement, battery, and intimidation.

Vauhxx Booker has charged with battery and trespassing.

Each of the defendants was required to write a statement about what they learned through the Restorative process.

Purdy alleges that Booker instigated the incident and told the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Conservation officers who investigated the incident that Booker and others have been trespassing on private property on July 4, 2020. Purdy said he gave Booker a ride on his golf cart and explained where the property lines were located.

Purdy says the later in the day, he encountered Booker yelling at his girlfriend. When Purdy got between them, Booker punched him in the chin.

Cox saw the two in a scuffle and ran over to them. Cox and Booker got up and punched him leaving Cox with a black eye. Cox admitted to striking Booker.

This brings a conclusion to the State of Indiana's case against the three men, the FBI was also investigating the incident.

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