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Ainsley's Angels Take Part in Limestone Captial Half Marathon Saturday

BEDFORD - OCTOBER 1, 2022 - With over 70 locations throughout the United States, Bedford, Indiana is an all-inclusive place to support Ainsley's Angels.

Brent Voigtschild, Kathy and Amber started the local Ainsley's Angels about three years ago to make sure those with special needs were included in marathons, and 5K events.

Anisley's Angels provide wheelchairs to individuals with special needs to participate in the events held in Lawrence County.

The volunteers called angel runners, push them.

The small chairs cost about $1,000 and the larger chairs about $7,500.

In Saturday's Half-Marathon First Place Trophies donated trophies to the participants. Bedford Federal donated a van to haul the chairs, who also purchased two chairs. Living Well Home Care, Toya Lamm provided an accessible bus for driver Christopher Swayer to transport the teammates. Bedford Revitalization Incorporated provided assembly and storage space for the chairs. Terry S. Bennett and Jody Bennett assembled 12 chairs.

Congratulations to those who took part in the Limestone Captial Half-Marathon.

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