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After Weeks of Waiting Street Sign Goes Up For Resident

BEDFORD - JULY 6, 2023 - The Bedford Street Department finally acted on the request of Bedford resident Cammy Stiles request for a street sign to be placed on her street at F Street and GM Drive.

After an inquiry by the Lawrence County Zephyr to the Bedford Street Department Commissioner David Flinn refusing to answer questions on the matter.

The sign was placed at the location by 3:00 pm

Original story: BEDFORD - JULY 5, 2023 - A request by Bedford resident Cammy Stiles to place a street sign at the intersection at GM Drive and F Street on the southside of the street, has taken several weeks for the Bedford Street Department to act on.

Photo: According to Cammy Stiles Facebook post today, the Bedford Street Department was no going to place the sign until she moved her mailbox for the United States Postal service.

Several locations along GM Drive already have street signs on them.

Several streets along GM Drive already have street signs on them

The following was today's Facebook post by Bedford resident Cammy Stiles:

"Okay… I’m baffled and I could use some opinions. We moved in November. We are now living on a dead end road off GM drive. We have been asking the street department for a road sign since right after we moved in. A couple of weeks ago they called and said it would be taken care of “tomorrow”. It’s still not there. Today they called and said they couldn’t put up a street sign labeling our road unless we moved our mailbox to GM drive. (The mailbox is currently where the post office told us to put it fyi). Can someone please explain to me what the location of our mailbox has to do with getting a street sign at the end of our dead end road next the the stop sign that’s already there?!?! How in the world do we get a street sign on our road so we start getting all our mail and packages delivered to us, instead of having to track everything down after they couldn’t find us!!!?????,"

Lawrence County Zephyr placed a call to Bedford Street Commissioner David Flinn at 10:38 am Wednesday morning and asked why the Bedford Street Department did not place a street sign at the intersection.

Bedford Street Commissioner David Flinn responded by saying " No comment," Flinn was told that the Lawrence County Zephyr will be running a story on the issue. " You can run your story, but I am not going to talk to you on this issue, it is no comment," said Flynn.

Lawrence County Zephyr then asked is this resident going to get a street sign. " I told you no comment, I am not responding to your inquiry," said Flinn.

Due to Flinn's unresponsive to the Lawrence County Zephyr's questions a Freedom of Information Act request was placed at Bedford City Hall to find out what the requirement for the Bedford Street Department is to place street signs at all in intersections in the city limits.

Photo: Due to Bedford Street Commissioner refusing to comment on this story. A Freedom of Information Act was filed at Bedford City Hall on the city's ordinances and regulations for the placement of street signs

Lawrence County Highway places street signs at every intersection, those that are private drives have a blue sign on them, while county highways have the green sign placed on them.

File photo: Due to increase in out of county ambulances in Greene, Monroe and Orange Counties it is imperative the streets are clearly marked in the City of Beford

From a public safety standpoint this is dangerous for emergency personnel not to have streets marked. Every resident in Lawrence County to have their address marked on their residence. At this time, it is not known why the Bedford Street Department refused to place the street sign and have it marked.

In Lawrence County, the growing amount of out of county ambulances responding to emergencies, technology failures from phone lines, mobile data terminals, all are problematic in the City of Bedford, and Lawrence County.

Photo: Bedford Street Department notified Cammy Stiles will have a street sign by the end of the day after Lawrence County Zephyr contacted Bedford Street Commissioner David Flinn

Cammy Stiles reports after the Lawrence County Zephyr's inquiry today, she was contacted by the street department and will have a street sign placed at the location at the end of the day, today.

Lawrence County Zephyr is waiting on an email from Bedford Street Commissioner David Flinn on the city ordinances and regulations for the placement of street signs.


1420 L Street Bedford, Indiana

1416 James Avenue in Bedford, Indiana

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