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After giving back Lawrence County's ARPA grant funds RTC Communications expands on Twin Ponds Road near Williams

WILLIAMS - MARCH 7, 2024 -RTC Communications continues to expand in the Williams area after giving back the American Rescue Act Funds awarded to the company back in 2023.

Photo: Local contractors work at installing fiber cable along Twin Ponds Road back in January

RTC Communications just added a new fiberhood to their expansion plan.

The Twin Ponds area of Lawrence County, residents can pre-sign-up as RTC begins construction.

RTC Communications are continuing to expand on their expansion plans. We

" The best thing you can do to help get your area get fiber access is to show interest through our website. Get your neighbors to do the same. If you're wanting more information about what happens during construction, download this guide from our website!" in a Facebook post the company released Thursday evening.

Earlier this year, Williams residents became concerned about the empasse between the Lawrence County Commissioners and RTC Communications after the $850,000 was returned back to Lawrence County.

However, the company found ways to continue the project providing their customers with this important service in the rural communities of Lawrence County.

WILLIAMS - JANUARY 3, 2023 -  RTC Communications have returned the $850,000 of the American Rescue Funds back to Lawrence County for the expansion of broadband service in the Williams area.

Photo: Contractors for RTC Communications install fiber along Twin Ponds Road Wednesday afternoon

On Tuesday the Lawrence County Commissioner approved a contract with Morley to receive request for proposals on other broadband projects in Lawrence County in the amount of $8,600 for a third round of grants for high-speed broadband internet.

Lawrence County Commissioners allocated at total of $4.4 million in American Rescue Funds for broadband expansion, which includes AT&T expanding broadband in the Springville area.

Photo: Contractors are working on Twin Ponds Road to bring broadband coverage to the Williams area

RTC Communications resumed work on the company's project despite not receiving federal funding and after a dispute between the Lawrence County Commissioners and the company halted the project.

Members of RTC have reached out to the Lawrence County Zephyr expressing concerns about the work stoppage on the project.

Neither the county commissioners or RTC Communications have divulged in publice what the dispute centered on.

Lawrence County Zephyr have reached out to RTC Communications to find out what the company plans are moving forward. However, at this time RTC Communications have not responded to our request.

 Previous news story: WILLIAMS - OCTOBER 24, 2023 - RTC breaks ground on bringing Broadband with fast and reliable service to the Williams area.

Photo: Groundbreaking ceremony as RTC brings faster and reliable service to the Williams area

CEO Kirk Lehman RTC Communications is excited about bringing much improved broadband services to residents, farmers and businesses f the Williams, Indiana area.

The company was awarded an $850,000 American Rescue Plan Act funds grant to bring the service to the area.

Video: Kirk Lehman explains RTC Broadband Expansion into the Williams area

The grant will serve about 1,3000 businesses and households in the area.

"This will be a fiber broadband product, everyone will pass will have fiber broadband to the home with access up to a gigabyte of service," said Lehman.

Anyone wishing to purchase the service can contact RTC Communications by calling or visit the website at and there are pre-signups available.

Photo: Broadband expands in Western Lawrence County

David Redman who has been a board member of the RTC Board of Directors was honored in working to bring the needed service to the area.

Photo: RTC board member David Redman recognized for his contribution in bringing broadband to Lawrence County by CEO Kirk Lehman

" We are excited about this project, not only as board members but providing direction to our management team. We have challenged them to increase the number of customers over the last five-six years. We are looking to the future in more growth," said Redman.

" We are proud of our team of management and employees," added Redman.

Lawrence County Commissioners Dustin Gabhart, Wally Branham, and Rodney Fish with Lawrence County Council members Rick Butterfield and Amy Redman attended today's groundbreaking.

The project is expected to take over six months to complete.

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