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Advertise Here: Join These Advertisers in Growing Your Business

Thank you for considering advertising with the Lawrence County Zephyr. Over 760,000 visitors have visited the Lawrence County Zephyr within one year. Lawrence County Zephyr is on track to have more than 1.2 million visitors by the end of 2023.

Lawrence County Zephyr now can send invoices directly by email with making purchases very easy.

Here is a price list for advertising on the Lawrence County Zephyr website:

$75.00 a month for top banner ad

$25.00 a month for rotating ad between news features

$50.00 a month for Police Beat Advertising

$45.00 to feature your business with a special feature on your business in the business section and a rotating ad throughout the month of the feature.

$45.00 - Business Classified for one year - Lawrence County Zephyr will add your business to Classified Section each week the Classifieds will feature every business by Specialty for up to one year. This will appear every Friday in Lawrence County Zephyr's Business 365 Feature.

Be sure to tell these businesses you seen the ad on the Lawrence County Zephyr

CALL 812 -902-8168


Paid for the committee to elect Dan Bortner Bedford City Council At-Large

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