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A New Day for the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office

LAWRENCE COUNTY - NOVEMBER 18, 2022 - A new day has come for the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department after Greg Day has been elected as the new sheriff for Lawrence County, Indiana.

Lawrence County's new Sheriff Greg Day smiles as he celebrates his victory Tuesday night

Republican candidate Greg Day started his campaign early in March 2021, being challenged in the primary by Chief Deputy Gregg Taylor who has since retired from the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department. Day went on to General Election and defeated Libertarian Candidate Darin Kinser in the Tuesday night's election.

" I am extremely excited to win, it's funny in way as being exciting but humbling night all at the same time; to know that so many people that supported me. Really the love and support they have shown me over the last twenty months of this campaign. I look forward to January 1st and getting started. I will be working with Sheriff Mike Branham now and then to ease the transition. I will hit the ground running trying January 1st and try to do some great things for Lawrence County," said Day following his victory Tuesday night.

" I am thankful for the love and support felt everywhere I went. There has not been a time, where I went did not go home without being upbeat and uplifted about the way things were going, the best words I can describe is humbling, and excited at the same time," Day added.

" I want to thank everyone who supported me and allowed me to put signs in their yard, Especially, those who talked to other people about me, and thank my wife who tracked over the Lawrence County with me, she is a saint. Honestly, thank the Good Lord above who has blessed me with more than I deserve,"

Day said he has outlined early in the campaign what he hopes to be able to accomplish as the next sheriff as far as drug dealing enforcement, high level accountability, quality, work ethic and improve the morale, culture of the department.

" I am ready to get started, I think they are a lot of great employees there. We are ready to make a positive difference in Lawrence County. I think the voters understands that meth and opioid addiction is the largest problem in our county. Obviously, I have made it no secret about the fact out of all the other things this is one of my top priorities. We are going to do all we can to slow this down,"

New Sheriff Greg Day talked about the issues at the jail

Sheriff Mike Branham and Lawrence County Commissioners released a jail study that proposes a new correctional facility with a price tag estimated at $46 Million and at a different location than the current jail sits.

The current jail is facing several maintenance issues and structural issues that will have to be addressed by the Lawrence County Commissioners and paid for using tax money.

" Obviously, I made it no secret about the fact at some of the forums, that we need to look at the role of looking at a new jail facility. We need to seriously start looking at what we can do to fix our current jail, first,"

With the jail counts down the jail will be a lot easier to manage. " This will help tremendously, that will allow some flexibility with what the jail can do. Those numbers will fluctuate over time, but I do not want to put a Band-Aid on it. If we are going to fix it, I am all for saving taxpayer money at this time. Let's put a substantial investment in this current jail, get the jail safer, workable, and improve what we have. Hopefully, we can get 10 -15 quality life out of this jail. That gives Lawrence County Council, Lawrence County Commissioners, powers to be a time frame of the inevitable building a new jail. I am really hoping everybody on board with what can we do with this facility. I certainly at this time, that Lawrence County does not need to spend money on a new jail," Day concluded.

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Grand opening this week 1125 16th Street in Bedford

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