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9th District Congressional District Democratic Candidate Matt Fyfe Visits Lawrence County Thursday

LAWRENCE COUNTY - SEPTEMBER 1, 2002 - Matt Fyre, 9th District Congressional District candidate Matt Fyfe visited Lawrence County Thursday night at the Lawrence County Museum.

Lawrence County Democrats stand with Matt Fyfe 9th District Congressional District

The district encompasses over 18 counties in southeastern, Indiana.

The Lawrence County Woman's Democrat Club hosted the event which allowed Fyfe to meet several people who wanted to find out his views on a variety of topics.

Laura Henley stands with 9th District Democratic Candidate Matt Fyfe

" I see there is a lot of division between the two parties now days, so at the end of the day we are not getting things done. Policies are not getting done for schools, health and a good economy around the nation. And we need a public servant stepping up to make a difference," said Fyrfe.

" The two biggest things I can do for education is standardized testing is less, focus on better programs. Right now, I am a math teacher and I had to tell students they cannot take music programs, or health classes. I do not get to do a lot of fun things, like make sure children learn about credit card interest rates,"

Fyre stated that the funding for special education programs at the federal level has not been up to par. Fyre stated he will work to improve that to help states and the nation address this concern.

" Most people you talk to, does not like healthcare in the United States. Patients do not have easy access to doctors, mental health, drug addiction programs or the price of health care is still an issue such as prescription drugs, hearing aids and other healthcare products,"

Fyfe states that anything he can do to allow Medicare to negotiate better prices or get patients better access to healthcare.

Fyfe comes from a union family, with himself being part of a teacher's union. Who says he wants to fight for better wages, healthcare and a good retirement. " I like to do that at the federal level, making sure the middle class is strong. Make sure people are able to get a good education and bring themselves up. This will allow them to work hard and have a good life,"

Matt Fyfe talks with voters Thursday night, as he stopped in Lawrence County

The other concern is cost of housing and people are not able to get the same jobs that they use to, to be able to take care of themselves.

Fyfe believes the money in politics and the division we see over the last few years is concerning. This money in politics has led to the representatives to them not being there for the taxpayer. " Representatives should be there for the taxpayer, not for the money or party.

Fyfe says he does not take big money in his campaign and is anti-government corruption. "We should not be able to trade stocks and benefit from just being a congressional member,"

For those interested in learning more about his campaign can go to his website and learn more.

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