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Updated: 35 Seniority General Motors Employees on Indefinite Layoff According to Officials

BEDFORD - AUGUST 3, 2022 -According to General Motors officials 35 Seniority Employees are being laid off at the Bedford GM Powertrain Casting Plant.

GM Powertrain to layoff 35 Seniority Employees on or about September 23

This is the statement released by General Motors after inquiring about the layoffs this morning.

"General Motors Bedford Casting Operations has reminded employees of an indefinite layoff impacting 35 seniorities, represented employees. This adjustment to hourly staffing levels is based on operational changes at the plant. Impacted employees will be covered under the provisions of the UAW-GM National Agreement and will be offered employment opportunities at other GM locations as they become available. GM Bedford Casting Operations produces cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, transmission cases, structural components, and drive unit housings for multiple vehicle platforms," said Kevin Nadrowski, Plant Communications.

Lawrence County Zephyr reached out to UAW 440 office this morning for a response on the report and was referred to the local plant for comment.

Employees was told of the layoffs yesterday in a internal meeting. An employee told the Lawrence County Zephyr that the shutdown of the SPM Department, I was told this would not affect his job, however five months later they are saying good-bye is ridiculous," who wanted to remain anonymous.

The temporary full-time employees were told it would not affect them because of the tax abatement being given by the City of Bedford. However, both the temporary and seniority employees will be laid off.

The employees were told they will be losing their jobs by September 23, 2022. According to the reports about 100 employees will be affected by the layoffs.

Bedford City Council approved a tax abatement last month to help direct a new product line to the plant.

Lawrence County Zephyr will continue to monitor developments in this breaking story.

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Brad Miller
Brad Miller

The layoff also includes 30 Temporary employees in addition to the 35 full time employees mentioned.

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