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2022 ARRL Field Day Held Saturday in Bloomington for Monroe County Amateur Radio Club

BLOOMINGTON - JUNE 26, 2022 - The 2022 ARRL Field Day was held Saturday for the Monroe County Ham Operators to test their equipment and skills.

ARRL Field Day was held Saturday on Bloomington's eastside (K9 Do it Yourself) 0r K9DIY

ARRL Field Day is amateur radio open house, which is an opportunity to showcase what amateur radio is all about to the public.

The field day events were held in the United States, Canada and Worldwide which kicked off on Saturday and ended on Sunday. Last year's 27,000 individuals participated in ARRL Field Day logging in over 1.4 million two-way radio contacts.

This helps the amateur radio operators to test their equipment and procedures.

The Indiana University Call Sign K9IU, K9DIY, K9Sierra, is which is combined effort on clubs were represented at the Field Day in Monroe County which operated in a field on Bloomington's eastside near the hospital.

Morse Code was transmitted and received by this operator for K9IU on Saturday afternoon

The group represented at Saturday's Field Day built their antennas from scratch, designed their layouts, and emergency communications if necessary, According to Tom Henderson President (W9YW) of Monroe County's Ham Club.

" This is primary allows us to refresh our skills and allows us to transfer our skills to new operators who just got their license," said Henderson.

" The operators do not know anything, they had just passed the test, so this becomes a practical experience for them. This includes how to layout and all the different stations as well as work other operators across the country who is doing the same thing," Henderson added.

The communication has evolved and changed over the years which include the digital modes how similar to how you would communicate on the internet, uses similar electronics but they are not tied to a cable or fiber., but they are doing this through the air. This is done with little, or no electricity and it has rejuvenated parts of the hobby who are interested in making long distance contacts without having too many extremes to make them.

Ham Operators work with the American Red Cross, Federal Emergency Management, and other public safety groups should communications fail. Whether that be a power failure, system failure, or natural disaster that causes the normal way of communicating to be unavailable.

Being a Ham Operator can be a family event with no age restrictions. Recently the Brown County Middle School students tested out on being Ham Operators as a STEAM project. Plans are to take the STEAM program on into the high school.

There are several skills that can be utilized in STEAM programing that is active in being a HAM operator. Students learn about Math, Science and Electronics when you are a Ham Operator.

Russell Bonnano (KD9SMG) shared information about the event held Saturday

Russell BONANNO (KD9SMG) Public Information Officer for AWRL for Monroe County, said the first field day at Indiana University was held some 50 years ago.

" The goal today is to see how many contacts each operator can make and how far a way they can reach., with good exchange and brief information," said Bonanno.

There are over 500 licensed operators in Monroe County, but some not as active. This is a hobby that is enjoyed by people of all ages and recruitment trying to get younger people involved.

Ham Operators is a hobby that has not gone away and is a great opportunity for the whole family to be a part of.

The Monroe County Ham Club has testing available for all three radio licenses which include Technician which is the easiest and still communicate around the world, General, and Extra Class. For more information on testing contact Bill: KC9ACL@ARRL.NET for testing information.

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