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Updated: 167 Oolitic Middle School Students Get A Reprieve on Oolitic Middle School Consolidation

BEDFORD - (February 23, 2022) - The 167 students that are enrolled at Oolitic Middle School get a reprieve until the next school board meeting that will be held in March.

The motion to consolidate the Oolitic Middle School died due to lack of second. This comes after board member Wendy Miller asked Maggie Daiton questions that were not quite satisfactory for board members. The board wants to ask further questions and have clarification on the reasoning behind consolidation.

North Lawrence Community School Corporation responded this morning by saying,

"In regard to the Oolitic 7th & 8th graders moving to BMS, the board took no action on the recommendation and did not pass a motion to table it. Therefore, no future date for a vote has been determined at this time." David Vanlandingham AV/Media & Communications Director

At the beginning of school board meeting during public comments, a resident Scott King told the members that there is no clear plan before the consolidation is implemented, therefore it should be a 7-0 vote. Below is a video of the vote:

(At 24 minutes discussion begins on OMS)

In other business:

  • Approved purchase of FIVESTAR content keeper filter

  • Approved purchase of FIVESTAR content keeper for classroom so teachers can monitor students' progress more efficiently

  • Approved the purchase of Chromebooks for 2022-2023 school year

  • Approved overnight Trip for Varsity Softball team to Terre Haute on Friday April 8-9,2022.

  • Approved the voting districts for the upcoming election. The North Lawrence Community School Board first day to file is July 27, and last day August 26th. North Lawrence School Board Districts 1,2,3, and 5 are up for reelection. A total of 10 signatures are required to run for school board.

Noah Browning questioned the board on their mask policy and why the board does not have on open vote on the matter. Dr. Kamal Girgis gave an explanation on the rationale for making the decision but did not respond why the school board does not have an open vote on the matter.

Lacy Hawkins gave the board an update on things going on throughout the corporations and projects the teachers were a part of. Hawkins also asked the board if they could not have a resolution in regard to Indiana House Bill 1134 that is currently now in the Indiana Senate.

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