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BEDFORD - DECEMBER 14, 2022 - Employees of Bedford's Artic Glacier Ice found out today they no longer have jobs. This announcement will affect about 12 employees from the Bedford operation.

The employees will be given two weeks' pay, accrued and unused vacation pay. This will help employees through the holidays and the end to 2022. This will be paid on or around December 23, 2022.

The operations for Artic Glacier Ice in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan have been taken over by Home City Ice. The employees can apply for jobs with the new company.

Conser's Ice Company was purchased by one of the largest ice making companies in the United States New Jersey based Artic Glacier LLC. back in December 2019.

The terms of that sale were not released.

Conser's Ice started back in 1971 and at one time Conser's Ice produced over 240 tons of Ice daily.

During this acquisition, the company purchased eight other smaller ice companies in 2019 and 21 other companies within since 2016.

Glacier Artic Ice operated 49 production plants and 49 distribution facilities across Canda and northeastern United States.

Home City Ice Inc. has been business since 1893 and is based out of Sayer Park, Ohio. Sales exceeded over $200,000.000 with operations in several states throughout the United States.

Lawrence County Zephyr has left messages for both Glacier Artic Ice LLC and Home City Ice, Inc. have been unreturned.

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