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108 Teams compete in the 2023 annual Claude Akins Classic at Otis Park Golf course Labor Day weekend

BEDFORD - SEPTEMBER 2, 2023 - The weather is cooperating with this year's Claude Akins Memorial Classic this Labor Day weekend. Partly cloudy skies have allowed this year's event to go without the rain that affected last year event.

108 teams have signed up with the second round of golfers have made their way to the greens Saturday afternoon.

The Lawrence County Zephyr was able to talk to Joey Elliott, Bedford Recreation Foundation about this year's event. Readers can go to the Lawrence County Zephyr's Facebook page to listen to his comments in their entirety.

The Bedford Recreation sponsors the annual event to help enhance the Bedford Park system.

" I have been involved with this event for 27 years with my brother Tom," said Joey Elliott.

This year, the Bedford Recreation Foundation helped with the pickle-ball courts at Wilson Park patterning with the City of Bedford for this growing sport as well as bringing life to Wilson Park.

Photo: Misty Adams writes the results of 1st round of Claude Akins Saturday afternoon

Future plans are to expand the practice range at the Otis Golf course to enhance.

"This year, there is a million-dollar shot, we will draw someone out, to hit a shot off of the 18 holes," this will happen on Sunday following the last round and the person must be in attendance.

Lawrence County will provide the results when they become available.


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